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Enshi Grand Canyon
First of all, you can go to the Enshi Grand Canyon. The Enshi Grand Canyon is a natural museum of geological wonders and karst topography, and is praised as comparable to the Colorado Grand Canyon. In the scenic area, you can go down to the depth of a hundred meters deep, or you can walk on the suspended plank road at a height of 300 meters to enjoy a different sense of excitement.
Tenglong Cave
Then you can go to Tenglong Cave. Here is the settlement of Tujia and Miao children in Enshi Autonomous Prefecture. It is picturesque. There are mountains in the cave, there are holes in the mountains, the water holes are connected by the dry holes, and the main holes are connected to each other. The temperature in the cave is 14-18 °C.
Enshi Tusi Castle
Next, you can go to Enshi Tusi Castle. It is the largest tujia region tusi cultural landmark project, and also the largest tujia stilted building in the country, the most typical style of the ancient architectural complex. In addition, the stilted buildings, tujia folk dwellings in the scenic area, are also worthy of tourists' appreciation. The stilted buildings are mostly built near the mountains and near the water, and there are more fruit trees and bamboo forests in front and behind the houses.
If you still have time, you can go to TUJIA GIRLS' TOWN to see. The food, drink and entertainment facilities here are perfect, which perfectly reflects the folk customs of the Tujia people. Daughter Street is the representative of the daughter city, located in the core of the ancient city, is one of the most prosperous neighborhoods in Enshi City.
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