Registration Fee

Regular Author(≥6 pages)

450 USD or 2800 RMB

Student Author(≥6 pages)

420 USD or 2600 RMB

Committee Member Author(≥6 pages)

400 USD or 2400 RMB

Invited Speaker


Additional Page

40 USD or 200 RMB /Page

Participation Fee (Optional)

200 USD or 1200 RMB


One regular paper contains 6 pages, including the contents, figures, tables and references. If the paper exceeds 6 Pages, 40 USD/page or 200 RMB/page will be charged.


Registration Documents: 

1.Registration Form; 2.Payment Proof; 3.Final paper (doc & pdf).


Please send all registration files to before the deadline.

If you want to be a member of our organizing committee,

please send your true and valid resume to

we will respond to you within 7 working days.

Key Information
Paper Submission

Submit by email


Teacher Peng

QQ: 1317764162

Teacher Deng

QQ: 1481936082

Teacher Qu

QQ: 2026821258

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: 

December 5, 2019

Registration Deadline: 

December 11, 2019

Conference Date

March 8-9, 2020

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